Cocker spaniel thrown from car

Payton recovering from injuries. Photo: Arizona Humane Society
A five-month-old buff cocker spaniel is recovering at Second Chance Animal Hospital in Arizona with a broken leg and many broken teeth. An Arizona Humane Society (AHS) employee brought Payton, the cocker spaniel, in for treatment after a bystander reported seeing the dog being thrown from a car on Interstate 17 on or about August 17, 2011. Once released from the hospital, Payton will finish her recovery in foster care then hopefully find a loving home. The AHS is asking their Facebook friends to donate $5.00 to help Payton and other needy animals in their care. AHS on Facebook

Cocker thrown from car: Woman charged

I have been covering this story since March 19th.  Fifty-six year old Maximina Shelton has been charged with animal cruelty in the case of the cocker thrown from a moving car.  She and her husband tossed their cocker spaniel named Puddles from a 1985 green Buick LeSabre on March 18, 2011.  The vehicle had been identified thanks to witness description.  The Sheltons said they tossed Puddles from the car to get rid of her.  Puddles was renamed Bambi by the Shamrock Pet Foundation.  Bambi has kept her sweet disposition despite sustaining multiple fractures from the abuse done to her.  Sadly animal cruelty only carries a misdemeanor charge in Indiana.

Indiana: Cocker thrown from car, UPDATE

Bambi post op
Bambi after surgery: WLKY News
Bambi's X-ray
Bambi's X-ray: WLKY News

Bambi made it through her critical period! Bambi had surgery Monday to repair a fractured pelvic bone receiving six screws and a metal plate. Her recovery will take 8 weeks and she may have permanent weakness in her left hind leg. She suffered nerve damage causing her to drag that foot. It’s likely she will always have chronic pain or numbess in that leg. Bambi’s surgery was estimated at $6,000. If you would like to make a donation please visit the Shamrock Foundation.

No one has been charged yet with this crime although the authorities have a “person of interest.”  The Humane Society of River Valley, Indiana is offering a reward leading towards the arrest and conviction of persons responsible.

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Badly injured cocker found

Location: Doddenham, UK

A badly injured cocker spaniel was found 4 days later after being hit by a car.  The cocker named Puppy Joe ran off during his walk. His family couldn’t find him but heard a dog had been hit by a car.  Hunters 4 days later discovered Puppy Joe cold and wet huddled under a tree. Puppy Joe was treated for a fractured pelvis and is recovering well.

Reported by The Worcester News, Story has Puppy Joe’s picture. Link to Story