Follow-up on Lillie the cocker spaniel

Authorities weren’t even sure if the dog discovered in a Queen Creek garage would survive. Lillie the cocker spaniel could barely walk when police found her. Owner Sandra Wood voluntarily surrendered Lillie to authorities who provided the cocker spaniel much needed medical care. The before-and-after pictures are like night and day. Good news. Lillie is making a speedy recovery and will be available for adoption.

Lillie looking much better. Source: MCSO

Neglected cocker spaniel in Queen Creek, Arizona

Maricopa County police were checking on the welfare of Sandra Wood when they discovered a horrible case animal neglect. Detective Dave Evans said it took him a while before he realized he was looking at a dog since it was covered in so much matted hair. “It was so matted on the back legs that the leg joints were unable to bend and they were kind of in a ‘locked position.'” Police had to cut off four pounds of hair just to transport her for medical care. Even after the hair was removed “Lillie” had difficulty walking on her hind legs.

Lillie the cocker spaniel
Lillie the cocker spaniel

Wood was charged with four counts of animal cruelty. Wood herself was transported to a hospital for medical care. A horse on the property had to be euthanized. Detective Evans said “All the ribs, bones were showing. The horse was in real bad shape.”

Cocker spaniel rescued after 2 weeks in Arizona desert

1-year-old Jo Jo
1-year-old Jo Jo

A cocker spaniel/golden retriever mix was found in Scottsdale, Arizona 13 days after running away from home. On June 28th, California resident Darcy Basinger was visiting family in Scottsdale with her 1-year-old cocker mix Jo Jo. She noticed Jo Jo was acting uneasy at the home. That’s when he escaped through a propped open door.

Basinger and her sister had searched for 12 days until they found Jo Jo 2 miles away near a gated community but he was too scared to approach. The next day, Darcy’s sister coaxed him with a squeaky toy and was able to grab him. They brought him to a vet. He was dehydrated, covered with cactus splinters, and lost 10 pounds. Miraculously, Jo Jo was in “shockingly good” condition, said Basinger.

A $5,000 reward for finding Jo Jo will instead be given back to the rescue organizations who posted it. Camp Cocker was one of them and the same rescue Jo Jo was adopted from.

Temperatures in Scottsdale, Arizona reach 100°F during the months of June, July and August.  The highest recorded temperature was 119°F back in 1970.

Cocker spaniel thrown from car

Payton recovering from injuries. Photo: Arizona Humane Society
A five-month-old buff cocker spaniel is recovering at Second Chance Animal Hospital in Arizona with a broken leg and many broken teeth. An Arizona Humane Society (AHS) employee brought Payton, the cocker spaniel, in for treatment after a bystander reported seeing the dog being thrown from a car on Interstate 17 on or about August 17, 2011. Once released from the hospital, Payton will finish her recovery in foster care then hopefully find a loving home. The AHS is asking their Facebook friends to donate $5.00 to help Payton and other needy animals in their care. AHS on Facebook