Hoshi had his bath

Hoshi on walk
Hoshi on walk
I think Hoshi went 2 months without a bath. He was scratching and I found a flea on me last night. I gave him a bath with flea shampoo. Found a couple dead/dying ones on him when drying him off. I trimmed his paws and ears on the inside. Didn’t do his face–we were both too tired.

Anyways, he’s comfy and getting some rest now that the fleas are gone.

Fleas, fleas and more fleas

Hoshi’s fleas have been having a gay old time till today. My order of Advantage came in the mail today. I bathed Hoshi this morning. He must have had a lot of them on him because I saw them drowned in the bath. Several fell off him while I was toweling him dry too. There were still a few survivors in his fur. I caught a glimpse of them while I was blow drying him. I put the Advantage on him this afternoon. I was surprised how much fluid was in each vial (2.5 ml) that’s a roughly a 3 cc syringe we use in the ER. I must have placed about 10 drops down the length of his back before the vial was empty.

I’m hoping the Advantage will do a better job than the Frontline.

Fleas are back

I mentioned 2 weeks ago Hoshi had fleas. I used Adams flea shampoo. It worked. Well, 2 week later and they are back. I found flea dirt on him again. He must be picking them up somewhere. I gave him another flea bath. While I was drying him off I saw a healthy flea the size of a mule on his back. I was so mad! I don’t know how it escape the shampoo. Well, I shampooed everything except his face. I don’t like getting soap in his eyes. So maybe this flea was on his face. Maybe it will die later (I hope).

Bath Time

I just bathed Hoshi. I wanted to wait till later because it’s raining outside. He really hasn’t been scratching obsessively but I found one flea on him. Also, his skin is red and scaly by his belly. That’s were I found the flea. I didn’t give him a trim this time except for the inside of his ears. I did find some dark sores on his ears, chest and belly. I’m thinking they are from the fleas. I’ll keep and eye on them.

I’m getting really good and skinning chicken and sharpening our knives. Of course, I’m getting lots of practice. Hoshi is doing well on his raw diet. His stools are better overall then they were on his kibble diet. He’s still getting kibble in between his chicken thighs. It’s hard to tell but I think he’s gaining weight. Maybe more muscular too. I’m running to the store right now to buy some more chicken. I have some at home but it’s not unthawed yet.

Bath time came early

Just a couple weeks early I think. Cathy said he was stinky. He had been scratching too and I forgot when I applied his frontline. I’m pretty sure it’s been over a month according to sticker on the calendar. I have some insect bites on me. I think it’s fleas. I’m glad I bathed Hoshi because I found dried poo on his rear. It took a long time to get off–I let him soak for awhile. I’m sure he was uncomfortable. I noticed the day before him scooting on the floor.

Hoshi’s stools have been soft. I’m not sure why. Maybe I’m giving him too many ham treats. Next time I trim him I’ll do a thorough job on his rear. Maybe that will help.

He’s becoming quite a “daddy’s dog.” Cathy says he looks for me whenever I’m not home and drives her crazy. We’ve been walking more lately. It’s almost been a year since I broke my foot. I’m still stiff when I first get out of bed. I can’t walk for miles (over 2) like I used to. My foot will hurt if I overdo it. Hoshi loves his walks! We see a bunny or two every evening.