Claremont man dragged by car while rescuing pet

Mike Heredia & Otis
Mike Heredia & Otis
Mike Heredia was walking his dogs around 5:00am February 9th when a man got out of a car and grabbed his 15 year-old cocker spaniel named Otis. Heredia tried to pull Otis out of the car but was dragged for a block instead. Heredia eventually fell from the fleeing car sustaining a shoulder dislocation and minor injuries.

Fortunately, Otis was found at the same park he was abducted from. “The people had left him at the dog park. He is now home. Glad he’s back,” said Heredia. Police are searching for the man and woman responsible for the abduction.

Chino Hills man caught beating cocker spaniel

3-year-old Mookie: Photo Tom Wait
3-year-old Mookie: Photo Tom Wait

Concerned neighbors witnessed Qihui Zhai savagely beat his cocker spaniel Mookie . Neighbors were alerted by cries coming from the back yard where Zhai beat Mookie repeatedly with a stick for 10 minutes.  Neighbors contacted authorities and video recorded the incident. Zhai faces felony animal cruelty charges.

California police shoot elderly cocker spaniel

On June 17, a Concord, California Police officer drew his .40 caliber pistol and shot 13 year-old Kirby in the back.  Police had entered the owner’s backyard unannounced where they surprised Kirby.  Kirby’s owner Zach Grimm said they heard the jingle of someone opening their back gate.  Next, they heard a bark and a subsequent gunshot.  Grimm said Kirby barked “like any dog protecting its home.”  According to police, the officer felt threatened by the 29 pound cocker spaniel and used lethal force even though he had pepper spray.  Police claim they were looking for a burglar when they entered the backyard around 4:30pm.

One of Grimm’s roommates who saw the shooting said the officer drew his gun just to shoot Kirby.  Grim said “The officer who shot at him, after it was over he just sort of had this goofy look on his face, almost like a smirk, and then he left. No explanation, no apology or anything.”  Part of the .40 caliber bullet passed through Kirby’s body while the rest is logded in his spine.  Grim said, “we think he’s going to make it.” “I can’t believe he’s alive, to be honest with you.”

Kirby's X-ray
Bullet lodged in Kirby’s spine

Pet Adoption Fund-All I Want For Christmas!

Hi everyone!

Bradley is a beautiful Cocker Spaniel who has never had a home outside of the shelter at Pet Adoption Fund in Canoga Park, California. We love him dearly and he is a volunteer favorite, but he has been here many, many years and there is nothing we want more for him than a good home. I am one of the volunteers who walks him and he gets so excited when he sees me. His darling face lights up and his tail wags so much his entire body moves like he’s doing a “happy to see you” dance. Imagine coming home to him every night?

He is a happy go lucky dog who just needs a chance! He seems very partial to the ladies and while we recommend taking it slow in the beginning with him, one he knows you, he loves to give kisses, shakes your hand, sits and will faithfully be by your side! He loves to go for walks and being active. He’s a great companion and would give so much love to the person who will give him a chance. We would love for him to finally know what it feels like to have a loving home with a comfortable bed and a loving human all for himself!

You can see his handsome face on our holiday video “All I Want For Christmas.”

He is located at Pet Adoption Fund in Canoga Park, California. He can be seen on our website at or by calling 818-340-1186.

7507 Deering Ave. Canoga Park, CA. 91303. Hours of Operation: Kennel & Office Hours: 6 days a week 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. (closed Mondays)