Cocker spaniel adoption lottery

The Cedar Valley Humane Society in Iowa will hold a lottery for six cocker spaniel puppies.  The puppies were born at the Cedar Valley facility as a result of the 87 cocker spaniels seized from a Sac County breeder back in January (read more).  A high turnout is expected at the event.  Four more cocker spaniel puppies are expected to be available in about six weeks.

Update: Kiron cocker spaniel breeder pleads not guilty

Last Friday Mary Brodersen pleaded not guilty to 93 counts of animal neglect despite the deplorable conditions her cocker spaniels were found in.  Five were found dead.

Timeline of events:

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Update: Cockers rescued in Iowa story

Rescued cocker matted in feces
Rescued cocker matted in feces
Yesterday, Mary Jean Brodersen (44) was charged with 93 counts of animal neglect by the Sac County Court related to the seizure of 87 cocker spaniels on January 25th from her farm in Kiron, Iowa. Eighty-eight of the charges were simple misdemeanors while 5 were serious misdemeanors (5 cocker spaniels died). Brodersen will be back in court February 24th. She has not been arrested.

Some of the 87 cocker spaniels have already been adopted. There are 15 cocker spaniels at the Cedar Valley Humane Society in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They aren’t accepting applications just yet. Spokeswoman Jan Clarke said, “They seem surprisingly social for what they’ve been through but we’re guessing after they’ve been poked and prodded — just like anybody, any person — they need a little time to recover from that.”

One of the pregnant cocker spaniels at the Cedar Rapids Humane Society delivered six puppies last Sunday. Also, one of the cockers at the Boone Area Humane Society gave birth to three puppies.

Update: Cockers spaniels rescued in Iowa

Rescued cocker at the Cedar Valley Humane Society. Friday, February 10, 2012. Photo: Emily Busse
Mary Brodersen was ordered to reimburse Sac County $25,359.52 for the cost of maintaining the 87 cocker spaniels seized on January 25, 2012. The cocker spaniels were severely neglected and required veterinary care. Jane Clarke of the Cedar Valley Humane Society said their condition has “vastly” improved: “Just like people, when they start feeling better, their personalities start shining through.” Clarke says they may be available for adoption in a couple weeks. “If you’d like to adopt these dogs, they’re going to need a little extra TLC,” Clarke said. “They’re not used to being part of a family, but they’re all very sweet.”

Criminal charges are forthcoming. Sac County Attorney Ben Smith said charges can be filed for each individual animal when pets are involved.

Update: 2/11/12, 1150am

Mary Brodersen has agreed to give up ownership of the cocker spaniels allowing them to be put up for adoption.

Update: Cockers rescued in Iowa story

The owner has now been identified as Mary Brodersen (Broderson?). Police executed a search warrant at her rural farm, 3975 Dean Avenue, Kiron, Iowa, yesterday morning. Ninety-two dogs were found (5 were dead) stacked upon each other in a small shed. “They were stacked three high so the excrement from the animals above would run or dribble down through on top of the dogs below,” said Jerry Dominicak with the Siouxland Humane Society.

In September of 2007, Mary Brodersen of Kiron, Iowa was fined $500 by the Platte Valley Kennel Club and suspended from the American Kennel Club for three months for “disregard of published club regulations and neglect at/or in connection with an event.” Brodersen, owner of Mystical Cockers, has competed at several events and owns or has owned the following cocker spaniels:

  • Mystical’s Absolute Legacy
  • NV’s Wyld Thang
  • Mystical’s Moon Struck Legacy
  • Mystcial’s Silver Lining Legacy
  • Mystical’s Butterfly Kisses
  • CH. Caroling’s Stun N Stammer EM
  • NV’s Time to Shyne
  • Mystical’s Tri My Dream