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Max Max

Max was born 12/15/95 and died 5/22/06 after being ill for about 3 months with congestive heart failure.

In this picture Max was sitting on a container of snacks in our mini-van. We were packing to go on a trip and he always wanted to make sure he was included…so he’d pack himself and put a big smile on his face! He went nearly everywhere with us but his favorite place was an island in Georgian Bay, Canada where we would go camping. As we approached the harbor, and we only went once a year, he would stand up, start sniffing and get so excited. He loved running all over the rocky cliffs with my children and would reluctantly swim in the lake with us. He would sit in a little rubber blow-up boat while we paddled around the bay. At night, he’d nudge open the zipper on the tent with his nose and go out to make sure the campsite was secure…or maybe it was just time to do his business. smile icon Max, this year won’t be the same without you! I’m hoping that doggie heaven is one big island campground and I’ll see you there one day.


July 94 - January 06

We got our Megan around Valentine's day of 1995 when she was 1 1/2 because of the death of her owner. She came to us so thin and scared as she was neglected for 3 months. At first we were not sure if we made the right decision because of her fear of my husband. Every night he would try and get her to come to him and finally after a few months she started to not be afraid. After a while she would jump in his arm and sing to him when he came home from work. We had two children at the time and one of which has special needs. She seem to understand her and would come to her when she needed to be calmed down with kisses and love. We had a third child a little later and Megan loved having a baby in the house to play with. She had the sweetest demeanor and the vet told me one time that she didn't have a mean bone in her body. As you can see from the picture she was never far from anyone. She helped with the laundry every time!!

Just after Christmas we noticed her not eating and took her to the vet. She was dehydrated and had a fever. He kept her overnight and gave her an IV. She seemed to perk up a little bit but started not eating again. They did some tests and saw something in her esophagus. We tried steroids and it didn't seem to help. She was not able to keep any thing in and was vomiting with diarrhea. I couldn't bear to take her myself to the vet so I sent my husband. I held her and kissed her and told her I loved her and that she was the best dog knowing that she probably would not come home. There was nothing more they could do for her as she was almost twelve and her health was deteriorate and that the lump was most likely cancer. My husband stayed with her until the end but left while they euthanized her. He couldn't bear it. I regret everyday that I didn't go with her to the vet to be with her in her final moments. I still miss her terribly. My husband used to call her my girlfriend as she went everywhere I went. I am going on Sunday to a breeder to see another dog they have named Rita. I did not want another buff colored cocker so I was glad that this one is black. I do not want to be reminded every time I turn around that she is gone. I want to love another pet as a different dog. Wish us all luck as we move into a new chapter of our lives. Megan you will always be our special girl and we love and miss you!!!!!!!!!!

Juanita & Mac McAfee
McAfee was our first American Cocker Spaniel.  He lived to the age of 14 years and then succumbed to cancer.

His personality and loyalty set the stage for our ownership of the next 4 Cockers that we have owned.

He was acquired from a breeder in Upstate New York and then moved with the family to San Antonio, Texas.

Juanita E. Duell (aka duell280zx)

Mini Mini

RIP Duchess Miniver "Mini"

On July 26th, 2006, Cocker Spaniel and beloved family pet, Mini, was put to sleep due to complications brought on by an illness. The seizures grew to the point where quality of life was too untenable.

Mini, 13 years old, was a good dog and had a very happy life, complemented by countless country walks, leashed strolls downtown, and whatever she wanted otherwise. Her crowning achievements were scaring away a burglar at age 3, trying to be a lap dog well past her youth, and licking you in the mouth when you least expected it.

She will be missed by her "mommy" and "daddy" (especially "mommy," who didn't want to get out of bed the morning after) and her lifelong companion, Max the Cocker Spaniel, who continues to look for her, and whom we continue to keep occupied until he starts to forget.

Donations in her memory can be made to any local animal shelter.


Misty Lou Cicale


Our Poochy was taken away from us on April 26th, 2007 by cancer; she just celebrated her 11th birthday a couple weeks earlier. We thought she would live for 15 years or more. She had the best life possible, she was an AWESOME DOG! She is in a better place now & not suffering anymore. Misty Lou Cicale will be forever etched in our hearts and minds, and not a day goes by that we will forget her precious love and everlasting impression she made in our lives. She will be missed dearly but she will be waiting right at heaven's gates for us to rejoin her. Rest in Peace and lick the angels until we are together again………..

The following memories are from the 5 of us, we miss her so much, Our Precious Misty Lou!!!!!

From the moment we brought her home, she was a member of our family! She was a very unique and funny dog. Misty didn't play with dog toys, instead she loved film vials and plastic lids. Whenever we would reload the camera she was right there waiting for the empty vial. Shredding toilet paper rolls and tearing up any food box was also a favorite pastime. Christmastime wrapping paper was also a special treat! When she was a puppy up until around age 7 she would piddle from excitement when anyone came home, of course we made sure we got her outside first.

Tara remembers "Licks allot" Whenever any of us had exposed skin Misty would be right there licking it. We'll never forget how she waited in
the bathroom to help dry us off after showering.

John remembers "Docile Mommas girl" Whenever Mom was around Misty was right with her, watching every move, or snuggling with her when she sat down.

Kimmy remembers "Under the table and dreaming" She would nap on the kitchen wooden chair, hooking her nose between the chair back rungs to prevent her from sliding around. Anytime a chair was left out at the kitchen table, Misty jumped up and sat there like a person, whether we were eating or playing games, if a chair was left out away from the table and we went out, first she would always cry when we left (that broke our hearts, every time) then she would get on the table and be there waiting for help getting down when we arrived back home. What a Goofball!!!

When the kids were still in school, Misty would wait at the front door to watch them get off the bus, and then she would go greet them, tail wagging with all the love and affection that her sweet little furry heart could hold! Misty was an excellent swimmer and never needed a leash, she would never run away.

Mommy remembers" Sitting pretty in the yard with the wind blowing her floppy ears. My Sweet Sweety! When I would use the leaf blower she would chase the leaves, or just enjoyed the air blowing on her. She always loved to rub her ears on the grass and roll around in the grass. Seeing her sitting pretty with the wind blowing her ears is a memory that will forever be etched in my mind. Misty was and will always be the most precious, cuddly, bear like, well behaved dog/baby I will ever have known in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!I love and miss her with every beat of my heart. She was a very high maintenance spoiled baby/dog and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Dad remembers: being greeted by her when coming home from work by her unconditional love, she always made me feel great no matter what mood I was in. After dinner I would kick back on the recliner and my little "Poochy Monakey " would jump onto my lap, it was a soothing, relaxing time for both of us. She could tell time too! Every night around 8pm she would stand in front of the pantry waiting for her snack, a biscuit. Her commands that she learned were: come, stay, sit, lay, roll over, "high 5", "high 10" and a KISS, it amazed me how many words she understood. She would play by fetching a toy. When I worked in the front yard, I would let her come out with me, she would lay in the shade right on the edge of our property line that was neat that she knew her space. When I would ask her if she wanted to go for a walky, she would get excited & whine & run to her leash in the workshop, at the end of our walk when we got close to home and she would recognize our house, I would unleash her & she would run to the little Poochy Monakey, my Mistaleena, I miss her

In Mistys' memory we bought a pink dogwood tree (the same color of her collar) and planted it in our yard, we infused the soil with her essence by adding some of her ashes and fur, we love you girl!


Kathy, John Sr., John Jr., Tara & Kim

Lucy Mitzi

I had a gorgeous little white cocker spaniel that I just happened upon one day while visiting my local pet store--She was there in a little kennel with a brother both of them gorgeous and white, she was mine. I had her for 8 years and we lived in the country and she loved to roam the woods and hunt for squirrels and hide from birds only to jump out and watch em fly and try to catch them. Every morning we let her out to go to the bathroom and then immediately back in because we live on a heavily trafficked road and were very careful about watching her. She never wondered from the back yard until this morning. I was 6 months pregnant with twins and really sick this morning while trying to get my oldest son off to school. So I let her out and in the hustle bustle of the morning did not watch out for her, when I went to let her back in she did not come when called, which she always came, she was a very good and obedient dog. I got in my car and went to look for her with my oldest son who was ten and that is when I saw her in the road her little white body just lifeless. I immediately thought I would die as well, but could not let my son see her like that, so I sent him to school and called my parents to come and get her out of the road knowing I could just not bare it, so they brought her to the house and we buried her in the back yard under the tree she use to hide from those birds with a little cross on top of it with her name on it---Mitzi--she was my first cocker. It was so upsetting for me, I cried for days and then delivered twins at 6 1/2 months premature. They are precious though as was she and now I have four cockers and breed them for others to enjoy as well as we do. Mitzi was a joy and we will always remember her. It still makes me angry though that the person that hit her did not even stop to say what they had done, How could they just leave her on the road like that? But I too learned a very hard lesson and must say that all my cockers now are leashed or kenneled when allowed outside. We miss her very much, and will never forget her, and will remember her when we look in the eyes of my other babies, after all if she would not have been such a pleasure to have we would not have gotten these and began to raise them for others to love.

Stori Clement
Sulphur, La

Mom's Girl
Mom's Girl

This is my Sweetie...... "Mom's Girl" * March 1996 - December 2005*

She was the sweetest friend I have ever had. It was so hard to give her up after having her with me for 9 short years.
I brought her home when she was only 8 weeks old and she was my baby ever since.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer in November and had surgery December 2nd. She was given a good prognosis, but only 4 days later she simply left us without warning.

I can't bear life without her. This is the hardest thing that I have ever dealt with in my life.

Thank you Sweetie for the unconditional love and devotion that you gave me. You will always be loved and held in my heart. I miss you so much.

Your Mommy

July 1990-May 2003

My Molly died today at age 12. I made the decision to put her to sleep, knowing that I had to love her enough to set her free. She was a cheerful, loving friend during both happy times and my darkest hour. During her final year, blindness and deafness didn't lessen the courage or sweet nature of my girl. Despite her infirmities, she could always be counted on to find her way upstairs, at night, to sleep in her favorite spot, right under my bed. Tonight her favorite spot will be empty and I'm going to miss those sweet, gentle snores.

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