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August 27, 1993 - February 14, 2006

As a dog lover who never had a pet as a child, I dreamed of one day owning a beautiful dog of my own.

Just a month after getting married, my husband and I brought our beautiful little cocker spaniel Tobi home. I was overjoyed, and Tobi became my true kindred spirit over the years.

Tobi was a wonderful dog in every sense of the word. She loved birthdays and Christmas, and opened her gifts each holiday with as much (or more) enthusiasm than her human twin sisters.
We dressed her up at Halloween and had vanilla cupcakes each year to celebrate her birthday. She was "one of us" in every sense of the word.

Tobi was so healthy up until she was over ten years old. She sadly developed glaucoma in one of her eyes in March of 2004, and had to have it removed. But she fought valiantly and lived happily with her remaining eye until Christmas of 2005. Two acute episodes of vision loss in her one remaining eye signaled sadly that the disease process was rapidly progressing. She required life saving emergency treatment each time this occurred. She also lost her hearing throughout 2005. Our heart wrenching decision was made on Valentine's Day this year, 2006, to humanely end her suffering. She woke up blind that day and I will never forget her struggling to find her way in darkness. I have not yet recovered from this overwhelming loss, however in my heart I know that we gave our Tobi an absolutely wonderful doggie life.

Tobi embodied all that I thought a dog would be. She was a loving, sweet, happy, affectionate companion who became my kindred spirit. I loved her with all my heart, and dreaded for years the day we would lose her. It's hard to come home when my furry girl doesn't come running to the door, bum wagging and grabbing our slippers or mittens. She was lively and, I believe, happy, right up until the very end.

I know that the love and happiness we received from having Tobi far outweighs the pain of losing her. One day our hearts will again be open to loving a baby cocker spaniel and giving it a happy home, just as we did Tobi. But for today we mourn the loss of our precious baby, Tobi. We love you forever, Tobi......xoxo


We found Toby one afternoon when went looking to adopt a Cocker Spaniel from our local SPCA. When we didn't find one at the SPCA in our city, we decided to check out a neighboring city's SPCA. We didn't have any luck there but as we were leaving the building, a young couple was bringing in their Cocker Spaniel. They were moving and couldn't take the dog with them. They had gotten the dog from the SPCA and they were trying to return him. We offered them the money they paid for the dog and gladly took him home. 
He was my teddy bear. He slept in our bed and was a great companion to our then 3 year old son. He chewed up everything that had a taste or smell. He ate crayons and lotions and lots of action figures. We learned over the years to keep our things picked up or Toby might eat them. He loved to run outside and play ball. We live near the beach and he just loved to roll around in the sand! He loved the snow, too. When our second child was born, Toby became a big brother. We had to make room in our bed for the new baby. Toby didn't mind. He had five more loving years with us after that. 
We discovered a small fatty lump on his side about six months ago. It grew to the size of a golf ball when we took him back to the vet to have it checked out. We assumed it was just a harmless fatty growth. Toby was 14 years old and we didn't want to risk surgery for something that didn't bother him. The tumor continued to grow and finally burst open. We knew we had to risk the surgery at this point or put him to sleep. The preliminary test they did before surgery confirmed that Toby's cancer was the kind that was spread around. It would be difficult to remove and probably grow back. The vet recommended that I let him go. Toby seemed healthy to the very end. When I went to the vet to see him for the last time, he was happy and thought he was going home. I laid on the floor and called him over to lay beside me. I held him in my arms, rubbed his belly and stroked his soft face as the doctor gave him the injection. I am so sorry we had to do that to him. I loved him so much and miss him dearly. My whole life was formed around him. When I woke up in the morning, I would let him outside, feed and water him. Then he would follow me everywhere. He would get the crust from the toast I made for the kids. He waited outside the shower for me. He would sit at my feet as I would fix my hair and get ready for my day. He waited for me to come home from work and to hug and kiss him. He snuggled with me while we watched TV. He was my real life teddy bear at night, making me feel safe and warm. I can still feel him here with me now. I will always remember him. I hope he knows I did what I had to do to keep him from suffering. I love him and always will. 


December 12, 1995 to September 18, 2006
American Cocker Spaniel.
Heart of Gold

Tucker came into our lives when he was 14 months old. He had been abused by his previous owner and had been kept outside and abandoned much of the time. I went on a search to find the perfect companion and came home with the light of our lives. Tucker was full of energy and life and he knew that we loved him and would cherish him as he did us. Tucker began to accompany me to work everyday, he sat in the passenger seat of an 18 wheeler, and for over 7 years he knew every bump and turn in the road. Tucker was a fun camp mate and would not leave the sight of the RV as we loaded it for a trip, whether a short weekend trip or a long vacation, he enjoyed every minute as long as we were there. Tucker looked forward to going any place that we went and most of all loved going for long walks to smell and see it all.

It was always very hard to leave Tucker at home when we went out as he hated to be alone and away from us.

Tucker was a beautiful companion who wanted to be with the ones he loved and who loved him, when he passed away he was at home and surrounded by the ones who loved him.

He is missed and thought of every day.


Tucker (a.k.a. Tubby)

? - July 28, 2003

Tucker was abused and abandoned by someone, eventually ending up tied to the door of the westport animal shelter in CT. I came to the shelter to help someone else choose a dog to adopt, but he looked so sweet and sad that I couldn't stand it, and I went back for him less than 24 hours later. He followed me everywhere for 6 years - not long enough for either of us. I nicknamed him "Tubby" because I tried to fatten him up when I first got him home, and was too successful. He drove cross-country in a car twice - he LOVED car rides, and lived in France for nearly 2 years. Although he was mostly deaf when I adopted him (at about age 12), he seemed to know when the cute lady at the corner café would yell "FRITES!" (FRIES!) and wait for him to run down the street, ears flapping, so excited for a snack. Tubby was so quiet, I think even before he lost his hearing he probably was. He only barked at skunks or skunk-smell. He could sing, though. If someone ate something particularly good-smelling but did not share with him, he would break into a Stevie Wonder weave and warble thing. That usually got the job done. He was infinitely polite, 100% everything safe - he would quietly keep an eye on cats, rabbits, children, anything. Though he tended to hide from people, He was very brave in the face of food and could grab and swallow a whole chicken leg in under 2 seconds (much to the veterinarian and his mother's dismay). Tucker lived to somewhere around 18, and is buried (with photos of me kissing him, and his favorite snacks, bananas and chex mix) in my parents' backyard next to my sister's dog Tobie. My sister Megan watched my love affair with Tubby and ended up adopting a buff cocker spaniel, Tobie. Tobie died in an awful accident last may. The two of them are buried side by side with a great view of the grill (around which they both sniffed furiously every time we visited). 

It gets a bit better, the missing him part. Or maybe it doesn't get better, exactly, but after a while you can't really argue with it anymore. When I die, I only want to go to dog heaven, to see my little angel again.

Rest in peace, Tubby Lou. You had the kindest heart and the gentlest soul. I love you and I miss you, Fluffis.


Mama (a.k.a. Karen)


Tye was so special. My husband brought him home after seeing him at an adoption site. I was so reluctant because I had lost my other dog a few months earlier. It was instant love and as I write this I cannot believe he is gone. He was very obedient and full of love and a great friend for the last six years. Over the past year he suddenly began to lose weight and his hair stopped growing. I finally took him to a veterinary specialist who told me he had cancer, within four days we let him go. It was one of the hardest decisions of my life, but I hope to one day believe it was for the best. His nickname was Mr. Wink because he would wink at me. I miss him dearly and I am very thankful that he was a part of our lives.

Vicky & Victor

Victor was my stepdaughter's birthday present when she was 3 years old.  When Victor was about 10 years old he disappeared from home never to be seen again.  Not long afterwards, I met Cathy (my wife).  She told me about her previous marriage and their dog Victor.  She longed for another cocker spaniel and that was when we got Gabby.  So if it wasn't for this sweet dog named Victor, I would have never had the pleasure of owning Gabby.


Winnie was the best gift I have ever received. My ex boyfriend gave her to me when she was 6 weeks old. She was spoiled rotten. I don't think she ever had to walk until she was a few months old, I carried her around in a baby blanket. She was so beautiful, my best friend. She was there for me through the good times and the worst. I was only 21 when I got her and regret a lot of the things I should have done to be a better mom. I loved her more than anything. She couldn't stand to see me cry or be parted from me for any length of time, even for a couple of hours at the groomers. She was perfect. She was kind to all other animals. She allowed the neighbor's love bird to ride on her back. She had never had a litter of puppies of her own but I brought home a 4 week old Siamese kitten that was taken away from his mother too soon. I noticed that the kitten was trying to nurse on her. A couple of days later she had an allergic reaction to the kitty so I took her to the vet. The vet asked if she was pregnant. I confirmed that Winnie was still a virgin. The vet then told me that Winnie was lactating. She produced milk for this kitten and treated her like he was her baby. The boyfriend that gave her to me and I broke up, but he always loved her. When I met my current boyfriend, he immediately fell in love with her and spoiled her more than his male Sheltie and our male African Grey parrot. She was always the center of attention. Last January my boyfriend's father died very unexpectedly and Winnie was there to comfort us through the many tears that were shed between the both of us. She wouldn't leave my side and tried her best to comfort me. Three days later while my boyfriend was at the funeral home still making arrangements I noticed blood on Winnie's mouth. She was 11 and I thought maybe it was her teeth, though I brushed them, she probably needed dentist work done. I wiped her mouth fur and when it wouldn't seem to get he stain out decided I had time to groom her before my boyfriend came home. I live in Texas so it is never really cold here, she always seemed more comfortable being shaved short. I shaved her and gave her a bath and brushed her teeth. She got a treat, wagged her tail and ran off to play as she normally did after being dried off. A few hours later when my boyfriend arrived he noticed more blood on her mouth. I wiped it off and inspected her thoroughly. That's when we noticed that what looked like bruises had began appearing on her body. We took her to the emergency hospital immediately. They said she had zero platelets in her blood and that she probably wouldn't make it through the night but to take her to her regular vet in the morning. You would never be able to tell by looking at her. Tail wagging, ready to go home, jumping up on me, just acting normal. I cried all night and asked God to take her in the night if that was his intention. We barely got any sleep, listening to her breathe throughout the night, thinking it would be her last. We woke up the next morning to find her still alive and acting like a normal happy pup, despite the bleeding and the bruises. I believe she was so concerned about our heartbreak over losing my boyfriend's dad that she didn't want us to see her suffering. We took her to her regular vet that morning. She was astonished that Winnie was even able to stand. We discussed options that would be traumatic to Winnie and only guarantee me a couple of weeks to a couple of months with my angel. It was then we made the hardest decision in our lives. We had to let her go. We held her and told her how pretty she was and what a good puppy she had always been and how much we loved her. She was gone. We both cried. I still cry. That was January 30, 2003. I even called my ex to let him know what had happened, his girlfriend said he cried when he got off the phone. We had her cremated and I kiss the picture sitting atop of her urn every day. She is still very missed. I can't wait to cross the Rainbow Bridge together. I know my boyfriend's dad is playing catch with her in Heaven. She was a beautiful baby and will always be loved and missed. I didn't think I would ever want another another Cocker pup, out of love and respect, I didn't want her to feel replaced. Something in me switched on in the last couple of weeks and I began looking. We are bringing home a little girl around Valentine's day. She'll be just as spoiled! I know Winnie will be her guardian angel. Winnie's birthday was February 12th, my sweetheart.

Kim Sanchez & John Paul Key II
Houston, TX


(October 1993 - December 2005) 

Yesi was the most adorable little 'girl' who we have ever seen in all our lives

Everybody loved her because she was very loving with all us. In her better years of youth, she was able to climb walls to enter the rooms through the windows or to jump any obstacle, she had the energy of five big dogs! 

She lived many years with her 'brothers-in-law' Max & Junior (German Shepherd & Alaska Malamute), they always respected her and they never hurt her. 

Yesi never had puppies but she took care of all the children of the family like a true mother.  She was always glad to see our children.  In fact, Yesi sometimes toppled them over in her excitement.

All we miss the unforgettable Yesi.

Zak Zak

Our dog Zak, almost 11 years old peacefully passed away April 15, 2006. He was always such a friendly, good natured dog that got along with every buddy. There was never a moment that little stubby tail wasn't wagging. He liked to sit on the couch next to you and keep you company. He is sadly missed by mommy, daddy and Caitlin and his other dog and cat companions.


December 19, 2001 to March 9, 2005

Zero left us at the young age of three, by the hand of lymphoma. After I noticed some strange lumps and weight loss, I took him to the Vet and he was diagnosed with lymphoma, after a biopsy. Weeks passed and he got exponentially worse with every day. He ended up losing a total of 10 lbs. in 3 weeks (he originally weighed 27 lbs.), vomited daily, had diarrhea after every meal, barely ate, and couldn't make it up or down the stairs. We tried chemotherapy, but it needed about 2 months to start working, and at the rate Zero was worsening, he didn't have a chance. After spending the entire day cuddling and crying on the grass, at the park, I send him off to doggy heaven.

He was a beautiful tri-color, with boundless energy and impressive smarts. He loved to play with his kitty, Bailey, and play with his squeakies and tennis balls. He loved swimming and going to dog parks. He was a therapy dog and visited old folks homes. He passed his training classes, and knew how to many other adorable tricks. He was my crutch in hard times, and literally saved my life once. 

Zero, you will be greatly missed. I love you more than anything!

Amber Schmidt, Reno NV
zero's website:



To all the countless cocker spaniels that die in our shelters each year and those that die from abuse and neglect, this is my special tribute to you.

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