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My Cocker Spaniel forum for the iPhoneMCS Forum available at the App Store

How To Install

On the iPhone® click the App Store icon then click the Search and icon and type "mcs forum." Choose the app by Manuel Villanueva. On the Android, click your app menu then click the Market icon. Search for "mcs forum" and choose the app by Manuel Villanueva.

Features (iPhone® version)

forum app features

  1. Menu button: Use this to navigate throughout the forum.
  2. Submit button: Use this to reply to an existing thread or start a new thread.
  3. New icon: The blue dot means thread is unread or contains unread replies.
  4. Replied icon: The green triangle icon means you have replied to this thread.
  5. Popular thread icon: A red bubble means this thread has many replies. The post count is inside the bubble.


If you need assistance please post in the Get Help forum.


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