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Cocker Spaniel Rescue of the Month: April 2004

Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 3 years old
Location  Texas (US)

This is Bunny. I recently obtained Bunny from a horrible situation. She is severely underweight. Her prior owners claimed she was a picky eater...but when I put her in front of a bowl of plain dog food, she practically inhaled it!

She is very sweet and very very lucky that we found her in time. She may not be beautiful now...but in time with all of the love and care she will get from us ,She will be a knockout. I hope she is as pretty as Shadow! She probably wont be the Cocker spaniel of the month. The picture is of her napping...she is still very weak.  (Rest up baby girl, its all going to be better now)

I just wanted to share her story. And to make sure people remember, its easy to buy a pet but it takes work to care for them properly. Don't get an animal that you don't intend on loving for the rest of its life.

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