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Cocker Spaniel of the Month: April 2004

Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 8 months old
Location  Newfoundland, (CA)

Bailey is a very active puppy! My Boyfriend & I got him in Aug 2003 in Ontario, Canada. He's the only dog I've seen that can amuse himself for hours by just chasing his tail but he also loves alot of attention from his mommy & daddy. He is a HUGE attention seeker and always has to make his presence known. He loves to get his picture taken and it almost seems like he poses for the camera, loves to cuddle and loves to relax after a hard days play on his back with a nice belly rub. You can always be sure when he is ready to settle down for a nap because he lets out a huge sigh, but not without making sure you notice him. He is the type of dog you would fall in love with the minute you are around him.

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