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Rescued Cocker of the Month: September 2006

Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 4 years
Location Syracuse, NY (US)

We adopted Buddy a year ago when I worked as a dog groomer. Buddy was my favorite customer, and as luck should have it, he wound up needing a good family to adopt him. We took him home in September of 2005. He adapted into our family remarkably, and none of us can remember life before Buddy. His birthday is September 11th, and we look forward to celebrating his 5th birthday this fall. Buddy loves FOOD! Any kind, he isn't particular! He eats granola and carrots, and seems to like them best. He had to go on a diet last month because of the traditional cocker weight gain, so unhealthy treats are out of the question. He loves to sleep almost as much as he likes to eat. He has a very quiet and conservative personality. Cuddling is his favorite activity. He also shares his home with two talking parrots, and plays with them daily. It's amazing how gentle he is with them. We look forward to lots more happy years with our dear friend, Buddy. 

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